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Feel free to take a look around my gallery, I update it every so often.

I know it's been quite sometime since I've uploaded anything meaningful. That will change. Till then, I hope you enjoy what's here.

Also, I've improved a good deal since this gallery has been updated, so don't take this as my current ability. Thanks!

Random Favourites

favs favs FAVS!!!

Go ahead, check em out, there's quite a few good pieces of art and a number of good comics I've found.
Howdy folks, been awhile since you've gotten a journal from me, eh?

Well, I've been busy with uni, and well, now that finals are over, I think I'm going to share some of the work that I've done over the past semester or so.

I gotta say, while it may not seem like much to you, drawing and sculpture has definitely made me look at things a lot differently than before. I'm starting to look at things in a more technical term. |D Still got a ways to go however, I have zero skill with real life subjects. No idea quite yet how I'm suppose to break those down and reconstruct them. Oh well, there will be time to learn how to do that, it doesn't look to be the most impossible thing to learn.

Anyway, art spam incoming!

Oh, and to those that still have finals, Good Luck!

Edit: Upload spam complete.
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Woot! Man, I love this place.
United States

"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-Stamps

-Temporary Art Hiatus- Computer's up, but I kinda found out that I may need to rip out pages from my sketchbook in order to scan them properly. D: And I don't wanna do that.
-I may be getting a smaller one next time, though. I am drawing, just not submitting it cuz I don't wanna chance ruining it by accidentally ripping them. |D

-Potential for Stories though!
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
For those that have been curious as to who selects the DD.

Oh, and ANYONE can suggest a piece of art for a DD. :3
For the future people that wander on here and wonder just what the crap is up with this guy, please refer to the below. The above is for current drawing status.
I am NOT a furry. Do not try and accuse me as such. I do support them, but I am not one of them. All I am is merely a dude who draws whatever the crap he feels like, be it human, animal, anthro, fantasy, or video game concept art.

Oh yeah, and my current username was made out of boredom and as a joke from a forum I frequent. Kinda represents me, kinda represents the fact THAT'S ALWAYS FREAKING COLD AND CRAPPY WHERE I LIVE.

Also, it's a take on the word cryo. As in Cryogenics. Ya know, freezing? That. ;P

Oh, and yes, I do like wolves. SHADDAP THEY'RE COOL. >:U
----------------------------------------… person Tetris-One VERY disorienting game of Tetris...that is really addicting.)
-----------------------------------------… Cathedral)-An epic comic by the epic artist, :iconpoch4n:!

Quote from the page:
"Has anyone ever asked you the random question; "what would you do if a zombie attacked you"?

Damp, pasty, loose skin; stitched up clothing, speed, agility, power, immortality. These qualities describe the "Undead" creatures forced to be kept alive by a newly discovered mineral: the "Almagest Chrome"

Enter the "Doctives", a group of professional zombie annihilators whose job is to liberate the world of their hellish existance, while keeping their souls from vanishing, a punishment worse than going to the purgatory itself.

But the Doctives have a secret formula up their sleeves. Even with the revealing of the new anti-undead organization, the "Paladins", who destroys the undead without concerning the souls trapped within.

Why are the Paladins after the Doctives? Will this chaotic mix of Undead, monsters, chimera and dark lords come to an end?

Find out by clicking it, punk.

jk, jk."
Well, you heard 'em, go check it out! :shakefish:
Well, one thing you may have noticed is the amount of artist's I watch and the amount of favs I have.

Let me explain something.

I use both as a way to show others the artists that inspire me and those that are simply awesome.

If I fav something, it's because I truly like it, and when I do fav, I like to leave some thoughtful comments, something more than "OMG lol so cute, yadda yadda".

And with that, welcome to my page!

I hope you stick around, because I'm gradually getting better at drawing.
I also happen to be very friendly as well. I'm rarely mean.
Oh, and I'm currently stunned at the attention I'm getting.

Seriously, there's those that I watch that are tons better than me, yet, are completely ignored.

Some happen to be my watchers. So please, go look at them, they are really good.
If ya want me to feature ya, just ask, I don't mind.

Although, I may just say screw it and feature some of ya regardless. Be it a visitor or watcher, you might get lucky and wind up with a surprise feature. ^^

What, I gotta put all this attention to good use, so what better way then to get some unknowns known? XD
Oh, and my little brother has finally joined DA! :la:

He's :iconshadowrunner309: and he happens to be a very good poet. Please, go and watch him! ^^
PLZ ACCOUNTS GALORE----> :iconplz-accounts:
Also, please do not give me a llama if you believe I am going to give you one back. Or if you believe that is a good way to "befriend" me. It's not going to happen.

Also, please stop thanking me for :+fav:'s. If I fav it, that means I like it. Be happy with that. I'm not always talkative, so I tend to fav and run.

Watches, feel free to say thanks. I may or may not reply. ^^; It's hard to come up with something unique to every "thank you for yadda yadda".

random shtick……………………

Current Residence: College
Print preference: None, yet
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much everything save for country and much of rap
Favourite style of art: Freehand, sketching, or inking
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano

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